The music project lets you make music. Turn your keyboard into a musical instrument. When you have a song, write it down in a simple plain-text file, and get it as an mp3.

Here’s an example of an mp3 that was created using this music project: Hedwig’s Theme.

That audio recording was generated from a text file: hedwig.txt. How cool is that?



Getting started

If you’re using Ubuntu, then follow the two-step instructions below! If you’re not using Ubuntu, the project might still work: the underlying tools are capable of running on any operating system. If you do find a way to install these tools on your operating system, then send me an email to have your instructions included here.

Here’s how to install the project on Ubuntu:

1. Install the dependencies:

sudo apt-get install git php lame mpv

2. Download the music project:

git clone cd music

You should now be able to record Hedwig’s Theme:

./record songs/hedwig.txt

You should see an audio file (“mp3/hedwig.mp3”) and you should hear it playing.

In the future, you can play your audio files like this:

mpv mp3/hedwig.mp3

You can also turn your computer keyboard into a musical instrument! Here’s how:


Now press some keys to hear sounds. When you’re done, press Ctrl+C to exit.

If you’re comfortable with it, you should check out the source code to see how you can modify the key mappings.